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Visitor Message Vs Private Message

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  • Visitor Message Vs Private Message

    Just wanted to take a moment to explain the difference between a Visitor Message and a Private Message. A Visitor Message would be similar to a public "guest book" where someone may write a message to another user however whatever is written is shown publicly to all other users who decide to view someone's Visitor Messages. A Visitor Message is not the same as a Private Message. A Private Message is as the name implies, private, and can only be viewed by both the sender and the receiver.

    After you click on a users screen name, you'll be taken to their User Profile page:
    forum VM vs PM 1.png

    If you type something in the text box shown above and click Post, you will be posting a public Visitor Message that anyone who comes to this User Profile page can view. If you click on Private Message, you'll be taken to this page:
    forum PM.png

    When sending a Private Message, you'll be taken to your Message Center page as shown above. Notice that there are links to your Inbox, Sent Items, etc. This is where you'd compose your Private Message and then clicking Post will send it to the user you want to communicate with.

    Again, a Visitor Message is a public post that anyone can see. If you'd like to have a private conversation with another user, you'll need to send them a Private Message.

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