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Zeroing the 1. gen datalogger sensors.

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  • Zeroing the 1. gen datalogger sensors.


    Im having some trouble getting my sensors to actually show zero. Ive tried resetting the datalogger it self and start over. Made sure the sensors are totally clean, and they have the correct values given by the manual. After that ive tried to "zero" the sensors, making them use the current value as point zero. Even that didnt work. Problem is that, I cant really use them to see if you are having the correct PSI on my fuelsystem for example. not even down the track. I always use analog to go by, at the pits. But even with my fuel system turned off, it makes a reading. 0,5 and some even 1.3 psi. I cannot make 2 sensors read the same value, no matter what i do.. Even the oil pressure sensor make a fault reading.

    Anyone who has an idea?

    - Kevin, Denmark.

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    Under "Tools" click "Zero Analog Channel". Click all the channels that need to be at zero, then click OK.
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      Thanks for your reply.

      But i have already tried that, But didnt work. They just show 0.5 or 1.3 psi or something like that. They never go to 0.


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        Maybe the sensor power is off?

        I would check the 12 volt, and 5 volt sensor power, and the sensor grounds with all the sensors connected.
        Then disconnect each sensor ( one at a time ) to see if the voltage changes.

        I'm not sure how accurate the voltage is supposed to be. I'll go through the documentation tonight to see if there's a specification for it.
        I might have time this Sunday to hook-up my unit, and see what it's sensor output is, so we could compare voltages.
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          Okay thanks, ill try to have a look at that.
          ehm, does it make a difference that im using a 16V battery?


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            Channel 16 is for Battery Voltage Monitoring. It can read up to 24 Volts. But it can only display up to 20 Volts........all the analog channels can read/display up to 10 Volts. Channel 16 is special, in that it has a 2:1 divider.

            So logically 16 Volts should be ok.
            I can't find any information about the units minimum/maximum Voltage. But if Channel 16 is the dedicated to read the battery Voltage. Then up to 24 Volts should be ok.

            I've been working this past weekend. So I'll test the unit tonight, and post what I find out.
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