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Victor II on '13 CHallenger RT

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  • Victor II on '13 CHallenger RT

    I have been looking for information on how the Victor II intake manifold will affect my challenger. I have been talking with a rep via email and he suggested that I check the forum. I was told that I'd see 37 hp increase with the manifold and a tune. So I I'll paste a part of the conversation which has my questions:

    "I have all kinds of questions, but one thing to know is how much of a power increase was the tune alone? If I knew the peak hp and tq numbers that you achieved with the Victor II, I could compare to a tuned, but otherwise stock, RT and get a better sense of how much more peak power the intake made. I already am tuned as you said so I wouldn’t see 37 hp net.

    Actually what I am just as interested in is the area under the curve. This is a dd and light track use car. So low to mid end bump is what I want to see before dropping $1k+. Top end won’t be there as much because of the long runners maybe, but I don’t want to drop top end either from where I’m at. I’ve got fuel to spare in my tune, and need more air.

    Since the Victor is based on the 6.1 which has larger intake ports (from what I understand), air is going to slow down. How much I don’t know. But the victor II is talked about in the community as a good FI intake, presumably because the intake needs pressure."

    my RT is modified with a 392 cam/pushrods, mopar stage 3 ported heads, shorty headers, high flow cats/cat back and a custom tune. Is there any information available to answer my questions?

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    Your posting in a Electronic Fuel Injection section.
    Intake manifolds is 5 sections down.
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      was wondering about that. thanks.