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  • LS1 Super Victor Question

    Hello All.

    I have just installed my LS1 into the engine bay f my 58 Chevy Apache Fleetside. Initially I was thinking of running a Pro Flo XT manifold (cause they look so awesome) however once I installed the engine and I am visualising it, I think it will look small.

    I am now thinking that if I went the EFI Super Victor route (#28095), used the fuel rail kit (#3638) and a 4150 throttle body (#3978) with a nice round air cleaner up top that the engine bay will look both old school and more full.

    I know this is a competition manifold and i will be putting in a decent sized bump stick and doing some head porting and plan on running a 3000 stall (hell one day I may even stroke it out to 383).

    Initially I was going to turbo it so I decapped the injectors and checked the flow rates (all even and good flow rate at 40psi).

    M question is .... Will my decap LS1 injectors fit between the super victor and the rail as I have read some people cant get factor injectors to fit properly.. I know they are designed for Pico's but I also read that they come with a higher camp to allow factorys....

    Any help appreciated.

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    Oh .... and I will be retuning the factory ECU/ trans using HPTuners software...