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Elbow for edelbrock 2945 intake - efi

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  • Elbow for edelbrock 2945 intake - efi


    I have a 347 in my 2000 ford explorer. Its EFI, and I need to help it breath better.
    Being that after market support isn't great for what I'm doing, nothing is straight forward.

    With the manifold on, I need to continue using a hard 90 degree elbow to clear stuff before installing the throttle body.
    Using the factory elbow works, except it necks down at the elbow and really chokes flow..

    I attached a picture of the explorer elbow. Now, I'm not hung up on the egr flange, as its no big deal to tune out egr.

    The issue I m having is that all elbows available seem to be for the square port flange (attached picture), and the Victor efi intake is made for a direct maf bolt on.

    Do you guys know of any elbows that are made for the round efi flange on the Victor intake?

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    Edelbrock doesn't have much in the way of elbows.

    You might look at the junkyards. Or weld one up.
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      yea, I'm thinking of just using a 3" aluminum 90 degree bend, cut the flanges off my existing elbow, and weld them to the new 3" tube.
      It's looking like there's no bolt on elbow. I'm a bit surprised, but I shouldn't be.