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Super Victor EFI Fitment issues

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  • Super Victor EFI Fitment issues

    I have a Victor EFI upper and lower manifold for my 1990 ford 302. I am having fitment issues where it will not sit down on the block due to heads. I was told to have the manifold machined to fit around the heads. Does this sound right ? shouldn't this sit properly without having to machine it to fit ? Any help or guidance with this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Some need different heads.
    What are the part numbers for the intakes?
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      It is an Edelbrock 2944. Will the heads need to be Edelbrock as well ? I have a set of aluminum GT40 heads that I am having the fitment issue with ? From what I am hearing this is a pretty common issue with this intake set up. I would rather not machine anything and just get everything I need to make this set up work the way it is suppose to.