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Device failed-reset?

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  • Device failed-reset?

    The original unit to tune with was not operational when it got here. Sent it back to Jegg's, never got one back from them, and ended up trying it on my phone. Fat chance, it barely handles a phone call, and it couldn't handle this, so went to a new tablet and loaded Etuner on.
    I noticed 2 different versions at the play store.
    During this process it had started, running, adjusting the idle etc. and then died. Now it don't restart, wont fire but have spark. I think I need to start all the way over, so I can make the choice between 21 deg and 27 deg, it only comes up either 12 or 15 degrees and wont do the start like it did the first time. Is there a way to reset it so it goes to the very first time starting spot again? I have not, but would unplugging the distributor reset it without hurting the ECU?
    I also noticed that they shipped it to me with 35 lb/hr injectors, and I thought they were supposed to be 29 lb/hr. It doesn't fit the sheet anywhere unless it's supposed to be like that.
    It is a 318 cu in that is now 324 cu in, Edlebrock RPM 6017 heads, cam is Clay Smith H-274-0-B at .450 lift at 224 duration, total timing was originally 36 degrees at time of rebuild. I think thats the place I need to start, setting the timing again from that point.
    I always get asked-A FAQ: Yes, I installed a sump also, and is at 60 pounds when it was running.
    Any help is appreciated in advance.
    Thank you

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    What part failed ?
    What is the drive-ability issue ?
    Don't get too caught up in the numbers.
    Just give the Engine what it wants &
    Let the numbers be what they are.

    Jim McFarland....


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      The little rtablet thing, had to replace it with a tablet and not starting. Had to download and install the E tuner app, and try to restart the car. I noticed it is in a mode that doesn't give me the choice of the timing to be set to, 21 or 27 like at the beginning, I must have lost part of the program where I first started at is all I can figure. Is there a way to clear it to start over from scratch?