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  • Replacement Fuel Pressure Regulator

    I bought my PF1 system used from someone who had it sitting in a box for 10 years. When I pulled everything apart there was a lot of varnish in the fuel rails, and the injectors were pretty gummy. I cleaned the injectors, but wasn't sure I could effectively clean the FPR without damaging the diaphragm. I didn't want to deal with a potentially gummed-up FPR. The Edelbrock replacement #3584 is $65 and for my application the return port pointed the wrong way. So a little looking and I found two application options, both for '90's LT1 engines, one with a left (drivers) return port and one with a right (passenger) return port. And I found versions that are adjustable:

    1994-97 Camaro
    Right Return
    Standard Motor Products PR556 (adjustable)
    $40 on

    1992-96 Corvette
    Left Return
    Standard Motor Products PR559 (adjustable)
    $75 on

    There are several other adjustable FPRs available for the older LT1 engines, but most are ridiculously expensive. You can also use a stock replacement FPR (non-adjustable) for the above applications and they can be had for $25-$40 at any auto parts store. If you are using the PF computer then the stock replacement FPR is fine. I'm controlling this with Megasquirt and adjustable fuel pressure will be helpful.
    Keep in mind, you will need the Edelbrock fuel line adapter that screws onto the return port of the regulator, which would have come with the PF system. I haven't found a replacement for this yet. The Edelbrock replacement FPR comes with the adapter, so you're effectively getting the FPR for $45 and the adapter for $20 - a decent deal if you need the adapter.