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injectors flooding the cylinders

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  • injectors flooding the cylinders

    i'm running a 350 chevy with the 3502 edelbrock muti - port injection system. i thought i had an intake leak so i took it apart and resealed it. put everything back together the same way. also put in new 29lb injectors new spark plugs and fresh oil change. was running bad so took it to a tech and was told my injectors are pushing 55 lb's an hr. which is flooding the cylinders. please help.

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    Sounds like you don't have the right injectors. There's no physical way a 29 lb injectors can flow 55 lbs of fuel. Did you compare the new injectors to old? Do they look the same? Same part numbers on the injectors?


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      PN # 3502 is not a " Pro Flo EFi system".

      It is a TBI to MPFI conversion kit.
      These usually use the 19 lb/hr. injector with the " Light Blue Band"
      These are PN# 3574 for a single injector.

      19lb inj.jpg


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        so it's not the regulator. thank you very much for all your help. looks like i'm out 800.00 bucks
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