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  • Pro Flow Install Questions

    I am helping a neighbor who is building a 68 Firebird with a ZR-1 (serial #49) engine. The owner of the car started the project 10 or 11 years ago and then it sat for a long time until my neighbor got the job to finish it. A very high end build with Detroit Speed suspension etc etc.

    Anyway the owner bought a Pro Flo kit and had it installed on the engine years ago. We have all the bits and pieces and you guys helped us a while back with the fuel regulator etc. We are ready to fire her up.

    My neighbor is totally computer illiterate so I am trying to help (blind leading the blind). We have a bunch of literature but not the original install instructions as we can't find them anywhere. We have a manual for installation on an AMC motor but i assume the set up of the electronics is similar.

    My basic question is: Do i need to install the included CD on a computer, then download a program into the ECU before setting up all the parameters to be able to run the engine or can I do everything with the little hand held thing? If so can someone walk me through that process?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    First, this section is for the Original Pro FLo1.
    but you are talking like its Pro Flo2.

    Please, let us know what color is the ECU (main computer box), it has a large wire harness going to it.



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      My $0.02 - you've got an old, fairly antiquated system by today's standards and Edelbrock is only providing very limited support for these older legacy systems. There's clearly some coin tied up in this project. Don't waste your time trying to learn this old system. Do yourself and the customer a favor and upgrade to Pro-Flo 4. It will be money well spent. Pro-Flo 4 uses latest tech and has self learn fueling control. No PC is required either and you don't have to learn how to use a full fledged, hard to use stand alone engine management system. Pro-Flo 4 is EFI simplified and all the main complexities have been taken out of the system. Pro-Flo 4 is also fully supported so you can call up and get help whereas support for a legacy system is going to be limited to reading documentation or doing searches here on the forum.


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        Thanks guys. The ECU is red. I agree I think what we are dealing with is a Pro Flo 2 as the CD we have is the Pro Flo 2/XT. I have suggested upgrading but am facing some resistance because the builder fabricated a VERY nice later Trans Am shaker air cleaner set up that the owner is just in love with (justifiably so because it is really cool). I will do some research on the physical differences between the system we have and the PF4 in terns of the throttle body height etc etc. Builder (a neighbor) is very old school and resistant to change.


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          so on this vein, does anyone know what the physical differences are between a ProFlo 2 and ProFlo 4 in regards to location (for and aft) and height? Throttle body location that is.
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