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  • Injector replacements

    I know the question have been asked here before but even so have not been able to locate what im after. I have the 1st gen Pro Flo on my car and need new injectors, the ones i have now are the green top 27(29)Lbs EV1. While i have to change them out anyways, i would like to upgrade them to 42Lbs injectors. I have been scouring the net, but cant seem to find any with the exact same specs. Anyone done this?
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    Is there a reason that you are changing to 42 from 19? The Pro Flo 1 only has crude fuel adjustments and it will be a chore to get it to run well on that large of an injector using only the Cal Mod. If it is running well on the 29's, I would replace them with 29's.


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      Hi Steve,

      Yes, should have been more clear, but reason is that i just rebuilt the motor, new AFR 195cc heads and upgraded the pro flo with a new FAST 2.0 ECU. Its a 383 and is capable of around 550 HP but not with the current injectors so they need to be replaced - they are the last restriction in the system.


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        We sell a 44lb injector (3685 for one or 3684 for a set of 8) that is a direct replacement for the 29lb that you have. You WILL have to do some tuning to get them working properly at idle and low speed. Mainly, subtracting fuel from the map. At high load and RPM, you may be fine or subtract a small amount to get the fueling correct. I would recommend going to a dyno or at least hooking up a wideband so you can dial in the map with accurate information.


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          Thanks, for the information. Did find this partnumber but looked like there was slight variations in the measuremnts compared to the ones i have so steered away but if it is the correct part ill get theese. I dont think there would be a problem with fueling, the FAST has wideband and provisions for changing requirements.