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Pro-Flo 1 fine tuning tips - HELP

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  • Pro-Flo 1 fine tuning tips - HELP

    I am looking for tips on how to fine tune my Pro-Flow 1 system. It has been installed and running good for years but I have never achieved a mostly amber light on the calibration module. It is almost always green and I feel like it is too rich and I can gain more power and fuel economy. Is it possible to get it to mostly amber and if so what is the best way to do that?

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    With out a dyno, or 2 people in the vehicle. It's best to install a wide band O2 sensor with a display, and send the data to the remove the narrow band sensor.
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      I have bought a zietronix wideband o2 sensor with display. How do i send the info back to the proflo? Do I remove the proflo sensor, use the new sensor? Is there an output from the zeitronix that I wire into the proflo?


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        Pro Flo 1 , I dont believe that sending wideband sensor data to ECU is possible.

        You can still use the display to help with tuning.

        Wideband upgrade was only possible with Pro Flo 2.