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  • C4 Fitment

    Hi all! New here, but a long time fan of Edelbrock stuff.

    I run a little Corvette site,, so if anyone recongizes the UID, that's why.

    The question:

    Will the XT intake fit under the hood of a C4? With that said, how tall is the intake from the bottom to the top? The number I would need to get an idea is how tall the intake is from where it mates to the China Wall on the short block to the top of the plenum.

    Oh, and what about distributors? Can you run an HEI or do you need a small distributor?

    I ask because there simply are not a lot of good options for intakes on the L98(85-91). There is the old Edelbrock/Accel/LPE Superram. TPiS has the MiniRam, but that isn't CARB legal.

    Many guys have been updating the LT1 intake to accept a small distributor and a few folks have even updated it to still use EGR (EGR has to be blocked off because there is no room for both. The downside is that the LT1 conversion outfit has gone away.

    A few have modified conventional intakes with throttle bodies where the 4bbl carb would sit... but... many of these options are not CARB legal.

    The stock TPI intake is a torque monster; but just doesn't pull past 5200 RPM and many guys want more of an LSx type of delivery. As neat as an LSx conversion is, it isn't an option for all ppl, just a little to complex for many.

    To give an idea as to how restrictive the TPI really is, think about this: the TPI system was designed for the 305 and put on the 350 without much concern for the added air flow requirements of the 350. Replacing the TPI with a better breathing setup and improving the exhaust (doing one without the other is a waste of time and money) will add 50+hp without any other mods. Add cam and roller rockers, another 50hp; add good heads, another 50hp. In other words, it doesn't take a lot to get 150hp more over stock.


    Any thoughts?

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    Shy bunch?


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        Dude..All the measurements you need are on the site if you pull up the system you want. I put it on a C3 and it fit under the hood. You do need the smaller distributor but that comes with the system.You need to check out what comes with the whole system....


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          I am only concerned about the intake fitment. The rest of the system isn't what I need or am curious about. Remember, 85 on, the L98 was already injected. Updating to the Edelbrock setup won't help if a) it isn't 50-state legal and b) won't interface with the GM factory harness well... Not that it more then likely runs better, most of what people are after is an affordable intake solution that will allow for tuning. And most of these people only drag race, so, meh, why bother tuning a high-tech SEFI system?

          I will double check the catalog, I didn't see that dimention in the tech specs.


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            I didn't go deep enough into the catalog. Found the measurements.

            The biggest issue would be 50 state compliance, no EGR so it would require reprogramming to lose that.

            Otherwise, it would be a nice upgrade... just need to compare height to the stock TPI.


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              Same thing here, still looking for an answer as well!
              Surely someone has used this xt in a c4....
              Talk to us!

              Thanks yall