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Pro-Flo xt fuel rails for 86 l98 Chevy

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  • Pro-Flo xt fuel rails for 86 l98 Chevy

    I purchased the Edelbrock Pro-Flo xt fuel rails intending to install them on my 1986 corvette. Once I disassembled my intake, to my suprise the new fuel rails had to no way to connect to each other or to the regulator. Anyone know the specifications for parts or any links to buy them please tell me.

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    Use 3/8" NPT to -6AN for the fuel lines.


    Use -6AN O-Ring fitting to -6AN.

    There were/are 2 different ones made.
    Use a small straight edge on the threads. NPT has a tapered threads ( they get smaller in diameter, as you go deeper in ).

    Russell part numbers for straight fittings:
    3/8" NPT to -6AN #660463
    -6AN to -6AN O-Ring #670840

    Note: If it is a 3/8" NPT. You might just get a #670063. It has a 1/8" NPT side port, so you can check the fuel pressure with a gauge.
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