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Innovate LC-1 Setup and Idle PID Tuning

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  • Innovate LC-1 Setup and Idle PID Tuning

    So we got the proper control zip installed in the software. That works fine now. Question is, what configuration settings do I need to use in order for the closed loop feedback to work on Lambda 2? The lambda 2 input is working. But at the bottom of the parameter log box it will read "Lambda On-sensor not up to temp" when I click the Closed Loop button.

    Also, I have a slightly fluctuating idle. Should I change the P&I gain in the idle constants window? If so, which way decreases idle over/under shoot?

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    The attached calibration file has the proper settings for using an Innovate WB on the Lambda 2 input. The O2 select jumper in the harness tells the ECU to use either WB Lambda 1 or 2 input. Jumper off = NB. Jumper on = WB. After that, all you need is the proper lambda 2 calibration curve which you can copy from the attached file.

    Here's a basic procedure for tuning the idle closed loop algorithm:

    1. Turn the integral and derivative modes off and enable the closed loop control with proportional mode only. (means zero out the gains for everything but proportional). Try starting with a value of 50.

    2. Increment the proportional gain by a quarter of the previous value and monitor the output for oscillations. (car in park/nuetral, snap throttle and allow it to come back to idle...oscillations are normal here. Just be sure the fuel / spark tune is close first).

    3. Continue until the outputs successive peaks are about one quarter in ampitude of the previous peak.

    4. Enable the integral mode and increment the gain in small steps to eliminate the output error. (repeat above tests until a snap throttle change does not cause any significant undershoot or oscillations when returning to idle).

    5. Finally enable and add derivative control only if the control loop output needs better performance.

    Keep in mind you may have to also adjust the closed throttle mechanical stop as well and / or the screw bypass on XT throttle bodies.
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      Can someone please republish this file?

      innovate lambda file


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          Thank you



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            Hello Steve

            I unzipped and copied the file.
            but the map does not let me change the lambda failed constant.

            Lambda Control
            Lambda Constants 1
            Lambda failed high (ratio) 1,000
            Lambda failed low (ratio) 0.600

            if I enter the values of your map,

            Lambda failed high (ratio) 1,180
            Lambda failed low (ratio) 0.705
            the values always jump back to the old ones as soon as I close the map and open it again.

            Can you help me please.

            How can I change the map to degrees?
            Air Temp
            Coolant Temp

            Thank you for your help