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General Information on 3527 Kit

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  • General Information on 3527 Kit

    Application: Small Block Chevy Performer RPM
    Horsepower Range: Up to 435
    Throttle Body Size: 90 mm
    Injector Size: 29 lb/hr

    For more information, please go to:

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    95 Tahoe Project

    Hello there,

    I live in Kansas and I have a '95 Chevy Tahoe 2-dr 5.7L TBI that I would like to customize. I'd like to use some Doug Thorley Tri-Y headers P/N: THY-386Y1 w/o the "Y" pipe running true dual exhaust thru a set of Flowmaster Hushpower II 2.5" shorty mufflers w/slashcut turnouts in front of the rear wheels. I've also considered using twin 2.5" high flow cats in lieu of mufflers.

    My questions are:

    1.) Can I use a set of pre '86 Victor Jr. 64cc chamber heads w/215cc runners and 2.08/1.60 valveset with the pre '86 ProFloXT 3527 setup on my stock 95 Tahoe TBI engine block without any major compatability issues? Is there a better alternative?

    2.) What would the compression ratio be with the stock recessed head pistons?

    3.) What would the compression ratio be with flat top pistons? Would it be too high to run on pump gas?

    4.) What roller cam & valvetrain and injector setup would you recommend?

    5.) Would I be able to retain my factory in-tank fuel pump? If not what fuel pump and regulator would you recommend?

    6.) What mods are recommended to where the in-tank fuel pump is mounted?

    7.) Could you please recommend an MSD distributor for the ProFloXT setup instead of the Mallory? Would an MSD Coil and ignition module be needed?

    8.) What sort of fuel economy and performance gains should I expect to see?

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for the help.
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      i need info about this product...
      i am going to install on my 4 bolt chevy SBC 350 which now is still on carburator
      i am planning to change my cylinder head too
      which one do think will fit into this XT Plus kit
      and i want to upgrade to roller rocker arm too
      can u guide me and list the part number so i can order directly>


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        Only the #3227/#3228 is available.
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