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  • New Pro Flo 4 XT Chrysler RB

    Ive had a Chrysler 440 Pro Flo on the Notify me" list since March. So I ordered one thru Summit so i could backorder and get on a list to buy.
    They cancelled my order this week and I found the part at Wundercarparts in Plymouth, Michigan, and received it 3 days later.
    My build is a 505 Chyster stroker RB with a street hydraulic cam and Trickflow 240 heads. Think between 600-620 HP and all done at 6,000K. Mountains of torque.
    It comes with 35lbs injectors and im going to need either the 42 or the 60, but worried about pulse width at idle with the 60.
    The 60lbs/hr are also expensive. Does Edelbrock exchange the 35s for credit toward the 60s? I've heard they do if you buy directly through them but I tried to do just that.
    Anybody know who to call? Would like to get around the regular Edelbrock call line to someone who knows the answer.
    Really, just glad to finally get the part in my hands!

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    A couple of things pop-up reading your post:

    1. Main thing: Make sure the other injectors are in stock ( you know the Covid-19 thing )....set of 8 injectors: 42 is #3695, 60 is a Google search, and click on the links that have Edelbrock in the main link.... basically it's like searching Edelbrocks website.

    2. What is the specifications ( camshaft duration at 0.050 lift ), or part number of the camshaft?

    3. Edelbrock has moved product storage out of California, where it was easy to switch out products for exchange.

    4. All correspondence goes through the Tech line ( 1-800-416-8628 ), or the EFI email address.....sorry don't have that. Could do a search of the forums.
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      [email protected]

      How does the PF4 run with the 35lb injectors?
      Don't get too caught up in the numbers.
      Just give the Engine what it wants &
      Let the numbers be what they are.

      Jim McFarland....


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        Jones Cams custom street hydraulic roller
        Cam# D440, HR75375-78360-114
        241/251 @.050"
        .375"/.360" Lobe Lift
        .562"/.540" Valve Lift
        114 LSA
        CR a bit too high at 10.6:1 but the wide LSA compensates a bit for that.

        Havent run the 35lbs injectors, they are brand new, so dont want to run them if exchange is possible.
        Playing around with the online fuel injector size calculators they all seem to say at least 42, some say more than 60, but my big motor is "all in" by 6200 RPM.
        To complicate things, Im at least building toward being able to use E85 in a pinch so would love the ability to up the flow 20% in a "flex fuel" setup.
        stainless tank, no cork seals, E85 safe lines and pump, etc.
        Fully aware Edelbrock doesn't "support" E85, but its been done before.
        Can probably compensate with adjustable fuel pressure if im not using the maxed out 35lbs.
        Emailed that tech address. We will see.


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          Call tech line 800-416-8628
          Don't get too caught up in the numbers.
          Just give the Engine what it wants &
          Let the numbers be what they are.

          Jim McFarland....


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            Peter will help you, but my opinion, GET THE 42's... I need to upgrade mine.
            70 Dodge Charger R/T 540 Pro-Flo 4 Fed
            70 Dodge Coronet Wagon 360 soon to be Pro-Flo 4 fed.


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              Thabks, guys. Will do.