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Bucking at part throttle / below 2k rpm.

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  • Bucking at part throttle / below 2k rpm.

    For the past year I've been trying to dial in the bucking issues and dead spot issue I have with my pro flo 4 system. Whenever I lightly press on the gas pedal it wants to go but then it hits a dead spot at around 1400 rpm and start to very aggressively buck. I've played around with so many different timing settings and drove it around for a while just to see if it made an issue but nothing.. when it does start to happen and I look at my spark settings I see it bounce from 8 degrees all the way up to around 30 when the bucking is happening. If I try to floor out of the bucking it just continues all the way up the rpm. The only way to stop it is to press on the clutch and start over and re-engage the clutch.

    Is there anyway you can help me because I've reached out Edelbrock efi team but never really get any answers. I just can't cruise around, it's annoying and takes out the enjoyment of driving. I've dialed in afr and they seem good. My short ft stays at 0 to 5 all the time which I read is good but I did notice that the long ft is red all the time at around 30. No really sure what that even means.

    Engine: 496 BBC
    Cam is: New Elgin E1143p .576 lift 246 duration @.05 on both the intake and the exhaust. And is ground on a 108 degree love separation.
    I'm running my fuel psi at 43, that's what the app told me to do and I have the 60lb per hour injectors. This is the model pro flo system I have: Edelbrock 358600

    Thanks, any help is appreciated.

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    What are you using for throttle linkage? If it is not a cable, then I would believe that is your problem. For us to get a real look at what is happening, post up a video of the digital display when this is happening so we can provide additional help.


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      What Map are you using? Can you post a video of your tablet screen while this is happening? I know the earlier Acer tablets that came with the system have a record feature, or you can download one.


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        I'm going to upgrade to a throttle cable this weekend. I've had a couple people tell me that. After that is installed I will post videos of the screen