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    Originally posted by Atarchus View Post
    So basically the answer is: stop overthinking it

    Would still be nice if they gave us the option to tune in lambda. That would ensure that the system runs at optimum performance and efficiency no matter how the gas at the pump is mixed.
    look up top tier fuel and you can be sure it will be the best out there . some stations / oil company's buy from the spot market and the blend can very


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      look at this way i run a fleet of 200 trucks the fuel you buy is dependent on the additives in it as to the deposits it leaves is the real problem ' with that said all my trucks have Bosch 0-2 sensors and the failure is very low my point is there bosch 0-2 sensors and there all almost the same the harness length and pin / wire count is the only different i have seen.. most all the flex fuel and the regular fuel are the same manufacturers don't wast money on multiple parts 'that is why there almost no drain plugs in trans and none in fuel tanks as use to be in all cars

      so i think you are over thinking this . just drive and enjoy
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