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Dropping in distributor question.

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  • Dropping in distributor question.

    I dropped the Pro Flo 4 distributor in the 396 big block Chevy in my 1965 C10 pick-up with the timing mark at zero and rotor tip pointed at about the area of #1 cylinder on compression stroke.

    Read manual later and saw I was supposed to have it at 12 degrees BTDC, oops.

    Today pulled distributor and carefully rolled engine counter clockwise to get mark on dampener and timing tab to 12 degrees and have dropped distributor 2 times, lift up twist rotor around opposite way drop back down to walk it around a little each time.

    I kept trying to get rotor to point towards #1 cylinder, came in to cool off and take break, hot here in Phoenix area.

    Then I realized with engine at 12 degrees advanced, the rotor probably would not point to #1 cylinder anyways.

    Should I just forget about where the rotor is pointing on engine?

    The instructions say rotor should be near #1 mark on distributor, and the thinner tooth should just be entering the sensor.

    The rotor either points to somewhere around cylinder 3 or 5, and next time after lifting distributor and getting it in half a revolution at a time until it's one full turn rotor points to front of engine or about 6 o clock if front of vehicle was @ 6:00.
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    Rotate engine to 12 BTDC. Drop in Distributor accounting for the gear mesh which will rotate the rotor so that the short tooth is just entering the sensor and the rotor is pointing to the number 1 on the dist. housing.
    Have the #1 on the housing be where your #1 spark plug wire would normally connect to the cap so that all your plug wires will still fit.

    It's less about where the rotor points in relation to the engine and more about the #1 cylinder post location (for the plug wires) and making sure that the rotor points to that. Then when you start the engine you can fine tune the timing to get exactly 12 BTDC.


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      Don't get too caught up in the numbers.
      Just give the Engine what it wants &
      Let the numbers be what they are.

      Jim McFarland....


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        Sounds like it's good to go then. ‚Äč


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            did you read the install instructions that the small square is to be in the hall effect sensor page 15 line 16. line 18 is the most important.


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              Yes I did, it's all ready to go, thank you.