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Interesting observation on reset/calibration of TPS

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  • Interesting observation on reset/calibration of TPS

    2021-04-25 20_21_43-Window.jpg
    I was replacing a defective TPS on my PF4 system and noticed something interesting. What was noteworthy was that on the first startup with the new TPS the value showed 40 (ten less than the 50 it was showing for the defective TPS). I then re-cycled the ECM and it showed 30. Things that make you go "Hmmmmmm".... Re-cycled again and get 20, and so on. On the 4th re-cycle it showed 0. It appears that the software doesn't unconditionally reset to 0 on startup, but instead allows an incremental adjustment downward. I'm just curious if there's any wisdom for this behavior. For whatever reason the developers decided not to simply zero-out the TPS regardless of the previous state/position .
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    I noticed the same when I replaced mine recently. Mine was at something like 10 to start but would only go down 2 at a time. Had to cycle 5 times to get to 0. All good now though.


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      Yep, totally acceptable to take multiple Key-cycle & wait 15 sec's to full reset back to zero.
      Don't get too caught up in the numbers.
      Just give the Engine what it wants &
      Let the numbers be what they are.

      Jim McFarland....