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200-4R TV Cable Hook Up

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  • 200-4R TV Cable Hook Up

    Anyone else running a 200-4R? I recently swapped one in my car and I'm running the TV cable hooked up to the rear hole, which is where I *think* I'm supposed to connect it. My 1-2 shift are good right around 20mph when cruising but my 2-3 shifts seem late, sometimes I have to let off the throttle to encourage it to shift, same with 3-4. Am I supposed to be using the front hole instead? Or is there an adapter I need to use? Car is a '70 GTO w/ 400ci motor
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    You need to determine if you have the new or older throttle body. Old one needs a bracket for 200-4R or 700-R4 TV cable, new one has correct geometry. Appears you have new TB but I'm not certain about correct TV cable location.


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      That's the right hole....
      15 degrees from the center line of the upper throttle mounting hole on the "right"......any other hole is "not" the throttle mounting hole.

      Here's a link to "some" adjustments:

      The 700/200 transmissions are ok. But for some reason ( it's to hard to do ) no one ever gets it adjusted right.....hint: you 100% need a pressure gauge to adjust the TV ( throttle valve ) cable.

      Get a transmission shop manual from a Transmission Parts Supply House to do all the adjustments needed.

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