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Fuel pressure regulator PSI choice

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  • Fuel pressure regulator PSI choice

    Installed PF4 with 29 lb/hr injectors, new Holley EFI fuel tank with pump in a SBC application. The fuel pump seems to make about 50psi. I installed Edelbrock part 17401 58psi fuel rail regulator (8 psi > normal fuel pressure observed), and I set up the PF4 to use the 58psi configuration. The motor makes about 325hp. Should I change PF4 configuration to use the 43 psi setting or leave as-is? Driving so far has been relatively tame while learning and seems to be fine.

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    j m o i would run the 43 p s i maps and pressure


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      What are the AFR & Short FT #'s at idle & 2000 rpm?
      Don't get too caught up in the numbers.
      Just give the Engine what it wants &
      Let the numbers be what they are.

      Jim McFarland....


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        Just to close this loop, I decided not to dawdle on this and just installed the 43psi regulator and loaded the correct tune for the setup.