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    Originally posted by Mopar493 View Post

    Short ft at idle -1
    Is that with modifiers at 0?

    also fuel pressure @ 58 psi ?
    Don't get too caught up in the numbers.
    Just give the Engine what it wants &
    Let the numbers be what they are.

    Jim McFarland....


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      Originally posted by BITE_ME View Post
      I ran out of gas at a fuel station sputtered as I turned into it.
      Put gas in it, and the fuel pump died at the pump....$250.00 tow bill, $187.00 fuel pump.

      When I put the new fuel pump in the tank
      I tweaked the sender unit so empty on the gauge actually means I have a little more 6 gallons in the tank.

      The time I ran out of gas in the middle of the street, and at the same time the starter decided to pack in is a different story.
      Im sorry that happened to you.
      That could be it, i ran out of gas in the middle of the road due to the level gauge show i had enough but the tank was empty, before i realized the tank was empty i try to start and the pump prime dry and so on. It could have been a bit damaged of that and can not keep up at accelerating.


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        Originally posted by 2700 Cast View Post

        Is that with modifiers at 0?

        also fuel pressure @ 58 psi ?
        Yes modifier at 0 and fuel pressure at 58psi, vacuum at idle brings pressure down to 54psi


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          Update! My fuel delivery problem is solved. I switch to a new pump, change the regulations to after the fuel rails and put the 10 micron filter closer to the fuel rail inlet. Now it hold pressure at wot and when i hit the throttle Afr go right away to 12-12,5. It feels in the seat it get what it wants now. Running really good allower with map 5037 and i have not give it much learn time yet.