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Tuning Issues-car dies while trying to go into gear

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  • Tuning Issues-car dies while trying to go into gear

    Here at the shop we had a customer with a 1971 Jaguar XKE with a small block chevy in it, and he wanted to convert from carb to efi, so we installed a Pro Flo 4 XT. We're having some major issues getting it tuned right, and hoping someone here would have some input on what's going on.

    Some quick specs on the motor:
    Chevy small block, 355 ci, bored out
    Extremely mild cam. I'd have to consult some old files for what it's got in it, but it's the most mild cam you can get above stock.
    Stock valve train
    Low compression, he specifically built the motor hoping to run standard 87 octane pump gas, currently has 91 premium in it for tuning purposes.
    Has a 700r4 trans in it, we put it in, it had a turbo 350 in it. Stock converter, all controls are hydraulic, we set the T.V. Cable to what our transmission guy told us to, would have to check notes on it if anyone wants.

    We went ahead and put it all on, car runs great!
    However, as soon as we drop it into gear the car stalls out. Doesn't even try to kick idle up.
    If you two foot it into gear once it settles out it will idle on its own and drives down the road great, it's everything we expected from the system.
    Just can't quite get it to tune right. I was hoping it would tune itself out of it but it hasn't, we drove it around extensively making sure to let it die so the computer sensed what was going on.

    I've already checked the following:
    -Distributor, cap, and rotor seem to work fine, spark is great. The distributor seems a bit "cheap" to me but as far as I can tell works as it should.
    -Fuel pressure regulators
    -Bumped up idles both in the tuning software and also separately by turning the idle screw up. Neither seemed to really help.
    -Double and triple checked all exhaust for leaks, so the 02 sensors are getting accurate readings.

    The only guy over at Edelbrock that knows about the system when I've called is pretty hard to get a hold of, and my time is so short I don't have much time to sit on hold.

    Really hope someone here can point us in the right direction, I would appreciate any input anyone has!

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    Can you please post a picture of the "Digital Display" with water temperature above 180F.
    Also. Is ALL sensors plugged in?
    In my neighborhood, if you open your hood to check your oil, and the vehicle still runs after you close it.......Then your labeled the Neighborhood Mechanic.


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      Contacted Burch auto repair and they are waiting for Customer to bring them the Tablet to view data.
      Don't get too caught up in the numbers.
      Just give the Engine what it wants &
      Let the numbers be what they are.

      Jim McFarland....


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        I had a problem with my Ford 5.0 with the engine dying when I slowed to a stop. To cure the problem I went into Advanced Tuning > Acceleration Fuel > Decel Fuel Cut > bumped it up to 1500 rpm & hit Finished. Might be worth a try in this situation.