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Loosing Ground Signal To Fuel Pump Relay

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  • Loosing Ground Signal To Fuel Pump Relay

    i have been loosing ground signal from the ECU to the fuel pump relay , after i shut car off and go to restart later i get no fuel pump start , fuel pressure is 0 .
    this has happened a few times and i have to jump a wire to the chassis off the relay to start the car , after that it runs fine when i unhook the ground after i start engine .
    all grounds are there to battery / engine all soldered connections on harness , sbc in tank pump with regulator and return , i have tried a different relay with same results .
    still not sure why the ECU will not send a ground signal sometimes ? hot wire is ok just no ground ?

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    You need to check the pins in the MAIN, and Sub-harness. Sounds like they are not fully connecting.
    In my neighborhood, if you open your hood to check your oil, and the vehicle still runs after you close it.......Then your labeled the Neighborhood Mechanic.