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Loosing Ground Signal To Fuel Pump Relay

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  • Loosing Ground Signal To Fuel Pump Relay

    i have been loosing ground signal from the ECU to the fuel pump relay , after i shut car off and go to restart later i get no fuel pump start , fuel pressure is 0 .
    this has happened a few times and i have to jump a wire to the chassis off the relay to start the car , after that it runs fine when i unhook the ground after i start engine .
    all grounds are there to battery / engine all soldered connections on harness , sbc in tank pump with regulator and return , i have tried a different relay with same results .
    still not sure why the ECU will not send a ground signal sometimes ? hot wire is ok just no ground ?

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    You need to check the pins in the MAIN, and Sub-harness. Sounds like they are not fully connecting.
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