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Pro-Flo 4 Mopar 440 O2 sensor

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  • Pro-Flo 4 Mopar 440 O2 sensor

    I just recently purchased and installed the Pro-Flo 4 EFI on a stock 440 six pack motor. The installation went great with no problems, I'm using Map 5032_65. The O2 sensor is installed 6 inch behind the header collector flange at about 80 degrees as recommended in the instructions. The car started right up, I adjusted the idle and put about 5-8 miles on it driving easy around the neighborhood and had no problems until I started it up this weekend and after about 30-40 seconds the AFR reading slowly crept up to (22.8) and stayed there. Turned the car off for a few minutes, turned it back on and the same thing happened AFR went back up to (22.8). Shut it off, let it cool down and performed the butane lighter test and got no response from the O2 sensor. Called Tech support (Great Guys!), explained the situation and they are going to send me another sensor in a couple of days. So in the mean time I was able to borrow a brand new Bosch O2 sensor (17025) from a friend and installed it real quick to see if it would resolve my problem. Installed it, went through the Wizard process again and everything was fine the AFR settled to (13.6). Afterwards, I didn't touch anything, just letting it idle until it got to 165-170 degrees and soon after it got to operating temperature the AFR crept back up to (22.8) and stayed there. Turned the car off for a few minutes, turned it back on and the AFR went back up to (22.8). None of the wiring is touching the headers or shorted out so I'm a little lost why the Pro-Flo is starting to eat O2 sensors. Is it possible I have a bad ECU? Is there anything else I should check?

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    Did you do a Butane test on the 2nd sensor?

    Did you check for a false air leak on the exh. system?

    What is your Idle vacuum reading on tablet ( Manifold vac)?

    Fuel pressure reading ?

    Try loading 5037 MAP....Stay out of SETUP Wizard. ----- Now what is the AFR's#
    ECU settings> LOAD MAp> follow the prompts.

    Don't get too caught up in the numbers.
    Just give the Engine what it wants &
    Let the numbers be what they are.

    Jim McFarland....


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      Does the motor burn oil, or have a coolant leak?
      In my neighborhood, if you open your hood to check your oil, and the vehicle still runs after you close it.......Then your labeled the Neighborhood Mechanic.


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        Tech support called and advised me to perform the steps above before installing the replacement O2 sensor, which I did. But I have to say Edelbrock tech support went above anything I expected. First they called me back and second he spent about 30 minutes on the phone with me loading a new map and walking me through the baseline tuning procedure. The tech patiently answered all my questions and explained the tuning changes I was making and what the expected result should be. The day after I made this posting I received a replacement O2 sensor from Edelbrock and installed it this morning. My AFR #'s at idle with the replacement sensor are at 13.2% with 18.1in of vac, idle speed 850-RPM and the short FT #'s are in the low single digits. I'm going to check and replace the plugs before I take it out on the streets for additional tuning and I'm hoping the replacement sensor last awhile. Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 Tech support is outstanding and I will not hesitate to contact them again if needed.

        (BITE_ME): No, the motor is not burning oil or leaking coolant but it is due for a freshening up. Thank you for your reply...


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          Edelbrock Tech help and this Forum are top notch..
          70 Dodge Charger R/T 540 Pro-Flo 4 Fed
          70 Dodge Coronet Wagon 360 soon to be Pro-Flo 4 fed.


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            ok so what happened ? all ok ripping cement ?