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Heatsoak & AFR issue.

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  • Heatsoak & AFR issue.

    I'm having an issue restarting the engine sometimes. Only happens in the afternoons when it's hot, like 105 and up and after a decent drive.

    I'm using a remote sump behind the left headlight and it's on the pwm setting.

    When I restart, it just cranks but wont start unless I depress the gas pedal. Then it runs a little rough.

    When I have the app on, I can see the fuel pressure is 54-55 lbs, air inlet temp around 140.

    But...the afr is rich, 10-11 to 1. The afr setpoint is 13.9.

    Plus, the short term fuel is around -23, -30?

    If the fuel is vaporizing, would that cause these symptoms?
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    Supposed to vaporize ( turn in to a gas ) when the atomized Petro ( from the fuel injector ) hits the hot intake valve.

    Go to "Crank Fuel", and take -10%......... Adjustment range of -25% to +25% is allowed.
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