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TPS Not Returning to Zero

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  • TPS Not Returning to Zero

    Like others, I’ve had this issue since the beginning of the installation. Looked at all the usually possible causes, Ie throttle too tight, etc. spoke to Edelbrock tech who recognized the issue and told me to purchase the standard brand sensor.

    While this helped the issue, why am I buying someone else’s sensor when I spent good money for the Edelbrock kit?? Something wrong here.

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    I've had this issue and understand your point. I replaced mine with a GM Professional unit, which failed completely in about 6 months. Even thought it's frustrating and bothersome to see the TPS value on 1 - 2% at idle, it has never caused a problem. My SFT's are in the single digit range, and I've gotten recently where I don't even monitor the system while driving.


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      $2,000.00 for a kit that used to cost $4,000.00 is good value.

      If you go through the warranty process: Send in old product, with proof of purchase. Then wait for replacement to be sent......It can take some time.

      Or. You could save time and shipping costs by just going to any auto parts store and picking one up yourself.

      You have a 2 year warranty on the system. How you handle it is up to you.

      PS. Edelbrock doesn't make the electronic components.

      PSS: When you buy "some" replacement parts from auto parts stores. They will some times come with a lifetime warranty.
      In my neighborhood, if you open your hood to check your oil, and the vehicle still runs after you close it.......Then your labeled the Neighborhood Mechanic.


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        That’s not the point. The point is, I wasn’t offered any warranty or a replacement. I wasn’t given any options except buy another sensor. It’s not the cost. Edelbrock is a big company and this is not the right way to handle this.


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          Email [email protected]
          A copy of invoice & shipping address & I will send you spare sensor,
          Don't get too caught up in the numbers.
          Just give the Engine what it wants &
          Let the numbers be what they are.

          Jim McFarland....


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            My system as well says 1-2% at idle. it has never said 0% except at first start up everytime the car is started. but it doesn't cause any I ignore it.

            I still say it's an outstanding system for the money and it it works flawlessly for me.

            Maybe this guy's problem could have been handled differently sure but I think 2700 cast handles better than most.


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              Thats strange. My TP went out as well. Tech sent me out a new TP asap and did not even ask for the old one.