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    So any help is greatly appreciated


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      Nice Cougar. I'm not heavy on Ford engines but doesn't your distributor drive the oil pump? If that is the case and you were having problems with the oil pump it would mess with the Pro Flo 4 due to the drag affect on the distributor. I could be all wrong but I guess you will find out when you fix your oil pump problem.


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        When you get the oil pump figured out, let us know where you are on the project.

        Something that came to mind on the intake, did you verify that the intake fit without machining? When an engine is decked and heads are cut, often you have to do some work on the intake to seal well. The last FE stroker that left the shop needed .055 cut from both intake surfaces and .020 from the ends. Those were new alum heads with a 10.155 square deck, stock is supposed to be 10.170 and is NEVER square,, .053 head gasket and the intake was an Edelbrock RPM. My PF4 Victor needed .020 on the intake face and ,020 on the ends, but that build runs ported iron heads. It can be real tough to seal up an intake if you don't.

        This isn't something Edelbrock could account for either, 50 year old engines, old machining techniques that left crooked decks, and then rebuilds or full builds that added additional machine work makes "one fits all" absolutely impossible. I have to do it with Ford intakes and every other brand

        For the quench guys out there cringing at a .053 gasket, I will run an FE up to .010 above deck with custom piston, by the time you cut an old FE straight, you can be at 10.150, and it allows you to buy back some height so there is less machining to the intake. Certainly works for all brands, but I do mostly FE and Poncho work, not sure what gaskets are available easily for others. Cometic will make anything though

        Second thing, the Edelbrock intake is a medium riser intake, however, if you run CJ, C6AE-R or any other low-riser head, you need to run a low riser gasket. Otherwise you run the risk of sucking from the bottom of the intake port. They are thick, but the blue Felpro gaskets that come in most kits are very good fora medium riser/low riser combination. The Edelbrock gaskets are medium riser, and correct for the intake and their heads, but probably will fight you with a low riser head, especially if it's sitting a little high. If your heads are C7AE-A, Edelbrock, C8AE-H or any medium riser centerline, the Edelbrock gasket is fine

        ON EDIT....crap sorry, wasted a bunch of typing, I see you have RPM heads. They can run the Edelbrock, Felpro 1247 or Mr Gasket 202A, but fitting to the block is still important.