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Type of distributor gear?

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    Originally posted by My427stang View Post
    The cam manufacturer should tell him what works for a gear, not the EFI guy. Edelbrock did a good job making a product that should work across many different cam cores, but in the end, they are not the cam manufacturer. It was a great effort, undoubtedly to reduce required kit part numbers, but as a guy who buys a lot of custom billet cams, I can tell you the cam companies are not as trusting with melonizing for a billet core.

    I did not realize that the Edelbrock distributor was not standard size, that surprises me. However, there are two options if it is .530 and not compatible with Howards cores.

    1 - Go with a bronze gear, I highly recommend against that on a street driven Ford, they wear horribly, for some reason Chevies can get away with them, but I have had cars towed in with bronze wore to nothing. Although I use steel with a steel cam, others don't and when they leave me, they have steel when the core requires

    2 - Buy a Crane steel at .500 and have it machined to the ID you need. I haven't done it, but unless it has a very small OD, but given it is steel and not cast, by gut says it'd work

    I do agree a roll pin isn't an issue, only time they really fail is when depth is wrong, then you can count how long they last in seconds or minutes. Ironically, most distributor manufacturers have you measure from the intake surface, which has NO bearing on gear depth on a Ford. A ford distributor sits in a block pocket, and the distance from that seat to the bottom of the gear is critical
    100 percent correct.


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      Originally posted by 408foureye View Post

      Wow, this isn't even worthy of a reply, considering you have to insult me. I'm not interested in wasting my time arguing with you but I can't let you spread incorrect information. The press fit is what holds the gear in place and keeps it from spinning, not the tiny little 1/8" roll pin. Would you blindly trust the opinion of a mod here and take it as gospel, risking to trash your engine, all because of a lousy gear? I chose the PF4 setup because it technically looks like it has a lot to offer, which it does but the distributor is worthless if it won't even accept a standard replacement gear.

      not trying to insult you trying to help so good luck with your fixed o r repaired daily


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        Here , Here , Now......

        Cant we all get along????

        " COMP Cams melonized distributor gears are designed to provide universal compatibility for any steel, cast iron, or ductile iron camshaft—but without the wear concerns of bronze options. They're less prone to wear, and feature better timing accuracy and higher strength than any other universally compatible distributor gears. Choose the shaft distributor diameter for your particular vehicle."

        LINK :


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          tried to tell them 2700 know's what the deal is.


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            I certainly don't want to fight with anyone, but i ship engines all over and have roller cams ground all the time. Billy Godbold, the valvetrain engineer at Comp would not tell you that a melonized gear replaces a steel and an iron for every application, nor would the smaller cam shops I deal with. They would say "should or might work", "good option when unsure which core you have" , and maybe "if I had nothing else, worth a shot"

            I promise I am not BSing, I would gamble with a melonized before a bronze gear,, but if you know your requirement you should use the correct gear, it's good engine building.