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Some cylinders running twice as hot as others.

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    It would be good if these firing order discrepancies could be cleared up. Might save some frustrations for someone in the future. Screenshot_20201001-132157.jpgScreenshot_20201001-132028.jpg


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      Read post #10.
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        Read post # 10 ? If you are referring to post 10 on this string, that was my post, so maybe I am misunderstanding the reply.

        My concern is, as shown in post #16, the manual and the Pro-Flo 4 App show contradicting firing orders. So was it corrected in the software? If so, the manual needs correcting.


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          Originally posted by BITE_ME View Post
          Firing order in the app is for the fuel injectors.
          The placement of the plug wires on the distributor, dictates the actual firing order.
          That's what I see for post #10.......I do not see "ignored members posts".
          Sorry about that.

          You go by the "numbers" in the firing order...... basically. Ignore the wording. Just use the numbers.

          The app's firing order is for the injectors triggering order......even if you got this wrong. The motor would still run ok....not the best. But just ok.

          The "ignition" firing order is dictated by where you place the sparkplugs wires on the distributor cap.....the ECU will send 8 triggers to the ignition coil, every 2 revolutions of the crankshaft trigger every 90 degrees rotation of the crankshaft..

          In short. The manual has the "words" backwards. But the "numbers" are correct in both applications.

          At 43,861 MPH Elon Musk now owns the fastest car in this Galaxy