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  • PF4 Whistle

    I don't want to beat a dead horse but.... So I installed PF4 about 9 or so months ago and the entire time I've been trying to chance down this whistle. Called tech help and he told my mechanic buddy for me to "turn up the radio". Ive emailed videos of the whistle and Ive received zero help.

    Can you guys help? Recently I just had the intake gaskets replaced because I read that was causing some issues and it did nothing. Ive tried different tunes, IAC settings and even turned the thing off. The whistle is still there. Sounds like my rig has a fan belt hissing that needs replacing.. and yes I've even changed that out too. Ive read most threads and tried every option.

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    How about posting your videos to the forum & Then they can post Feedback on this issue.