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  • Start and then stall

    Just installed the ProFlo4 part#35770 mildly built 400 (running now 3 days) having trouble with initial start. Starts and then stalls initially, I try to restart and it does start and stays running a little rough on the idle (set about 700RPM now). This has happened multiple times. I have not tried to modify idle or anything at this point as I know that the ECU is still learning. How long should I let this go until that ECU "learns" what settings are needed for both hot and cold start?

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    This happen to me because I had selected a more aggressive map. Try a lower map/stock and see if it corrects. I think you can look at the vacuum levels you are getting and then make sure you are in that range on the map.


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      you can turn the idle up buy turning screw to hold idle to set timing.


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        Add fuel for Cold Start Enrichment. Keep adding until it will stay running after starting. The system has adjustments so that you can taylor it to what your engine needs. You can start with adding a lot of fuel and then reduce it later once you get more used to making adjustments. I think I am adding 15-20% more fuel to keep my engine running when cold.