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Switched wire & Fuel Pressure

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  • Switched wire & Fuel Pressure

    I am installing the Pro-Flo4 system and I have a couple of questions.

    1. Can I hookup the pick switched wire to the old positive wire that used to go to the original HEI distributor?
    2. I am using the regulator from the return system 3604, and I am wondering how do I set the regular pressure? Do I send power to the pump and adjust the pressure using the app?

    Thank you for the help

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    Run the PF4 pink wire directly to the switched 12 V Ignition circuit.
    You set the regulator with the engine running. vacuum hose from regulator plugged and the source of the vacuum plugged. you have to have an adjustable regulator. An adjustable regulator is typically set with a small screwdriver and has a set nut.


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      The ETuner app has nothing to do with setting fuel pressure. It only reads fuel pressure at the fuel pressure sensor.

      Your fuel pressure regulator (FPR) looks like a typical vacuum referenced adjustable bypass FPR. Assuming you have the vacuum reference connected to the FPR, start the motor and enable the ETuner app so that it reads your engine parameters. Put whatever you are running the Etuner app on where you can see the display. Set the ETuner app Gauge Displays to Digital Display. Loosen the 17mm nut on top of the FPR and remove the vacuum line. Plug the vacuum line with your thumb and adjust the allen head set screw on top of the FPR until the ETuner app shows the fuel pressure (43 or 58-psi) you want to use. Tighten the 17mm nut down and check to be sure the fuel pressure is still correct. Plug the vacuum hose back into the FPR. Fuel pressure will drop. This is normal at idle.

      You don't have to plug the hose connection on the FPR when the hose is removed. With no vacuum, it makes no difference.