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350 SBC gaskets

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  • 350 SBC gaskets

    What part number are the intake gaskets for Pro Flo 4 for the 350 chevy steel heads?

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    DONT use Edelbrock fiber type gaskets. They will delaminate and cause intake leaks. Ask me how I know.Use the fel-pro O-Ring style.
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      Heatsoaked had a bad overtorque experience.

      The other several SBC owners can attest there is not a problem with our gaskets.

      Do your research & decide.


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        Note : F Y I ==== Edel gasket # 7201 or Fel Pro # 1205 for SBC.


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          Do a Google search. Apparently there are a lot of people overtorqing Edelbrock gaskets "wink,wink." Regardless of the cause, the O-Ring gaskets don't require being glued to the intake and head surface. You'll appreciate that next time you remove them. Except for the dab of silicone in the corners, they are reusable.


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            I googled Edelbrock #7201... 4.5 Stars with 94 Reviews. Summit, Jeg's, Speedway, ebay, O'Reilly's, etc all similar 4+ Stars. Sounds like MOST customers are happy with the gaskets. We sell 1000's per year!

            Why would you ever want to "reuse" an old set of intake gaskets?? Save $20 to risk doing the job a second time?

            If you have ever precision assembled an engine, you should understand that the gasket is "glueing" (Gasgacinch) to the head to keep the it from shifting during manifold installation and disturbing the carefully aligned ports. It is also common practice to apply a thin layer of RTV around the ports to aid in sealing, especially coolant crossover ports, and in the corners where the gasket meets the end-seals.

            We also run them on all our SBC R&D projects, including daily driven applications that see hard driving and dyno time regularly.