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17400 regulator problem?

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  • 17400 regulator problem?

    I have installed a pro flo 4 with 17400 regulator in my 1990 c1500.

    The engine is the original TBI 350 freshened and having vortex heads.

    I installed an AC EP381 fuel pump in tank.

    I swapped the crossover to the front and plumbed the feed to driver side at rear and installed the regulator and return on passenger side rear.

    ​​​​​​while running the digital gauge page shows fuel pressure to run between 24 and 29 psi and the diagnostics page flags fuel pressure in red.

    When I first started the set up in April this year I recall fuel pressure was in the high 30's but don't remember the exact number.

    Is the regulator bad or could the fuel pressure sensor be wrong?

    Thanks in advance for any advice or guidance.

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    You need to test your fuel pressure, with a gauge to see what is going on.
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      Good advice thanks, I'll do that and update


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        Pressure tested at fuel pressure sensor port on fuel rail..pressure = 24 psi.

        ​​​​​​Tested at feed line before filter...pressure = 24 psi. These pressures are what tablet had just told me so it seems tablet and pressure sensor are operating correctly. Voltage at tank harness (not running) = 12.7 v. So ...

        Installed 30gph, 58 psi pump. Carter p90005. Fuel pressure static = 42 psi and running at idle 36-37 psi. Hadn't run it down highway yet but looks good so far. So I think fuel pressure regulator, pressure sensor and tablet are operating correctly.

        My setup includes 43 psi regulator and 29 lbs/hr injectors on a basically stock 1990 30 over gen 1 smallblock with vortec heads and stock vortec roller cam.

        Thanks all for advice