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Fuel Issue on setup

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  • Fuel Issue on setup

    I was attempting to do my first start today and when initially powering on and going through the setup wizard to see if I could even connect to the ECU het fuel pump would turn on and prime which led to a fuel leak at the AN fitting on the fuel filter. I fixed that leak and then finished installing the stater and filling fluids. When I attempted to turn it on again, the fuel pump wont prime and I'm receiving a red error under the diagnostics screen in the app for fuel, everything else is green except ignition voltage and that comes and goes from green to red.

    I'm at a loss and struggle with wiring to begin with which is why I chose Edelbrock since the directions were clear and the harness was simple.

    It's a 5.3 LS twin turbo and the fuel is supplied by a hyperfuel in tank 340 lph pump with a 30 amp relay and a 30 amp inline fuse running to the relay.

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    What is the make, model, and year of the vehicle?
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      1981 Chevrolet Camaro, using the stock starter and alt wiring but everything else is new for this.


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        You connect the Edelbrock ignition wire ( PINK/BLACK ) to the 10 gauge PINK wire at the ignition switch.
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          I do have it to the pink ignition right before the fuse block. Ive tried a few more things and if I put the volt meter on the Edelbrock fuel harness ends I can see the system trying to send power for about 8 seconds after turning the key on. Also if I go after the relay directly to the fuel pump positive and negative leads I can see power for about 8 seconds.

          I also took off the ground and made sure that was clean and reconnected it.

          It did prime a couple of times again but now it won't prime or turn on the fuel pump while trying to start again. I'm sure it's something stupid and I may have to pay someone to come over and look at it.

          The Edelbrock side of the harness all seems to be working and triggering correctly, it's the 30 amp fuel relay to the pump that I think I've messed up somehow.


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            The fuel pump will not prime "every time" you turn the ignition key on.
            You have to wait for the main relay to turn off ( after you turn the ignition key off ) for the fuel priming to restart over.

            Wirring a fuel pump is covered on page #17 of the instruction manual.
            Instruction manuals are posted above in the Sticky Section.
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              I would allow the ECU the 10 seconds to click off before retrying, it also wouldn't activate when cranking.
              I did get it to work but what I ended up doing was replacing the painless relay harness. I must have kinked something or slightly pulled one of the wires from the relay housing itself.

              It now primes consistently Everytime and sends fuel on cranking. I was able to start it and now just need to work through a few minor engine issues prior to being able to idle smoothly.



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                You have to be extra carefull with cheap wirring ( realy terminals ). The terminals are made thinner ( cost of metal whent up years ago ). The relay terminal has a "locking tab" stamped in it. With the thinner metal, it's easy to push them out, when installing the relay.

                I only use Bosch factory original connecters, and holders. You can really tell the difference between them, and the cheap crumy ones that some manufacturers are using.
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