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Lifting engine with PF4 installed

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    Hi all.
    I have got everything bolted down. The intake was a bit of work to get sorted as far as runner bolt clearance and also valve cover to injection boss clearance. I had a machine shop shave about 4mm off the outside of the injector boss so as to help clear the valve cover which I also used a Dremel to grind a little material back.

    The intake bolts that I ended up using were ARP Part # 652-1750. These are 3/8 x 1"3/4 for the outside of the intake runners. For the inside of the intake runners I used part # 652-1500. These are 3/8 x 1"1/2.
    I did not have to scallop or grind any material away from the inside runners on ports 3 or 6. I did however have to grind a little off the shoulder of the bolt that was going into port number 3. That was the only issue. All of the rest bolted right in finger tight with no issues. I must of had that intake off and on at least 20 -30 times to make sure everything was going to fit. But when I was satisfied with the fitment of everything, I went ahead and bolted it down for good.

    I do have a question if someone can answer please. I need to tee in a rubber hose from the vacuum reference port of the fuel regulator to the Throttle Body, but i am not sure which two vacuum ports on the TB should I tee into?
    There are two ports at the rear of the throttle body. One 3/8" will be for the brake booster, and the other I am not sure what that would be for.
    There is one on the right hand side of the throttle body directly beneath the Throttle Position Sensor, and two at the front of the TB directly below the MAP sensor. One of those is 3/8 and will be for PCV hose.

    I'm thinking to tee the one on the right hand side with the other at the front of the TB, but just want confirmation that this is correct.



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      I used this port for fuel pressure regulator vacuum reference. All of the ports below the throttle blades are manifold vacuum. There really isn't any timed vacuum stuff like a carb would have.
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        Awesome, thanks for the answer ddsmith, Much appreciated.