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Passing Harness through Firewall

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    Originally posted by Jacbjacb View Post
    Keep us posted please .......

    Only thing I wasn’t quite so keen on with Per’s design was that it required a rectangular cut out in the firewall ... I thought at first that was required to get the socket through, but now I see that the split grommet seals work with a 3” circular hole.

    Maybe it would be possible to design your own circular plug that covered the mounting bolts/screws (oval face perhaps) for a clean look and incorporate some sort of grommet (seems absent from Per’s design) to keep engine bay fumes out. Why not go crazy and have a Pro-Flo logo on it?

    What CAD package do you use .... I am messing around with Fusion 360 because it seems good and is free (for personal use) ..... If you get a file you would care to share ... I would like to have a look.
    My son has AutoDesk Inventor through his high school. Still new at it though. Best he's done so far from scratch is a spark plug holder. :-)


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      Hi the15car

      You may care to have a look at this link it will give you a free version of Fusion 360 that will work with adobe programs and it will output STEP and IGES files that are industry standard CAD files. There is quite a steep learning curve but YouTube has a lot of tutorials and with a little bit of “focus” you will get the hang of it.

      I made up the adapter seen here using the free version of fusion 360 (which I had 3d printed) so it should work for you ...

      Adobe Illustrator has a useful feature of being able to take a scan of a paper template and trace the outline. It saves it in a vector format and or you can import it as a dxf file into fusion 360. Unless you do this all the time it takes some time to work it all out .... but again YouTube can help.

      I have no commercial interest in this online course, but it might help those using Fusion 360 to 3D Pint parts LINK
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        Does anybody know what the brand and model is for the large connectors used for the sensors/injectors and coils/iac?

        Did more searching and found it - Delphi GT 150
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