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COP solution that work with PF 4?

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  • COP solution that work with PF 4?

    Does Edelbrock or any other company have a coil on plug ignition product that works with the PF 4 on non-LS engines? I know with the PF 4, I was always told to use the distributor that came with the kit. Just wondering if there might be a COP solution that could work with this system? If not now, maybe in the future?

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    No, sorry - no COP solution. Something like this wasn't in the scope of the original Pro-Flo 4 development program so no time has been put into implementing such a thing. Honestly there is some complexity to it and it's not as easy as just bolting on some LS coils. Because of this, it's not really something that's on our radar currently and we're deeply involved in other development projects at the moment. Perhaps there might be some consideration in the future but it would be a ways off.


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      I wonder if your distributor could be used to time a COP set-up?


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        It can since it already provides enough crankshaft position resolution to control 8 ignition events per engine cycle now. The problem is that there is no physical means (wiring) to support GM LS coils plus there's no way to trigger them since cals for distributor engines are setup to drive a coil directly and LS coils are in-direct type coils since they have their own built in switching transistor that's triggered by a 5v signal. There's also no provision to change the ignition firing order. When you set firing order, you're setting the order the fuel injectors are fired. The ignition firing order is determined by the order in which the spark plug wires on put on the distributor cap.


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          I would assume this would all need to be aftermarket, I have seen Ign coil drivers, and have wonder if that is what they are for... As you know, I know enough to be dangerous to myself and the parts I buy..


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            Originally posted by Derwud View Post
            I would assume this would all need to be aftermarket, I have seen Ign coil drivers, and have wonder if that is what they are for...
            I doubt anyone besides Edelbrock would offer a Pro-Flo 4 to COP conversion wiring harness. Plus, even if someone did, the cals aren't configurable to do COP. And what you see for coil drivers are just transistors that take a 5v indirect drive ignition trigger signal and switch the 12v coil primary directly. In this case, you'd need to convert the 12v coil primary direct drive trigger to 5v indirect drive trigger and no such thing exists. Like I've been saying, people seem to think it's just a matter of getting some LS coils and the rest should be "easy". Well, it's not and I hope I've thoroughly explained the in's and out's of what it would take to actually implement such a thing.