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  • Aluminum heads

    Understand this isn't strictly a PF4 question but would appreciate the advice since it may be part of this install. Since having the intake off I'm wondering the difficulty level of putting new aluminum heads on. I have a BBC with the iron heads. Sounds like I could get some decent gains from this. If I did I would probably go with an Edelbrock product that matches nicely with the PF4. What I'm really wondering is if I am not thinking about other important factors that I won't be modifying. Anything involving the lower end will not be changed. Thanks in advance for an advice.

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    So here are some things to consider in no particular order;

    What cam are you running?
    Will you need different valve springs or will the ones that come with the new heads suffice?
    Will you need new pushrods, and if so, do you have the ability and tools to check for the proper length needed?
    What kind of rocker arms are you going to use, adjustable or non-adjustable? Will the ones you have on the current heads work?
    Headers, what kind or are you going to use what you have?

    These are just a few things to ask yourself. There are others on here a lot more learned than me and they chime in with some other things too


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      I'm considering the Edelbrock Performer heads.

      Not sure about the cam that's in there. My suspicion is its the edelbrock performer. the car had a PF2 Efi and given the vacuum its on the mild side, but I don't know for sure.

      I'm guessing that the springs on the performer heads would suffice but not completely sure.

      I haven't pulled the push rods. Was hoping to re-use what I have.

      Looking for suggestions on the rocker arms. The ones I have are the stock non-adjustable type found on BBC.

      I def. plan too use the headers I have.