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Pro Flo 4 system for 1987 Corvette L98?

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  • Pro Flo 4 system for 1987 Corvette L98?

    Would Like to put a system on my 87 Corvette, But want the XT with 43psi fuel setup and 29 lb. injectors. Is that possible? I can only find XT SBC systems in 58 psi. Also the 86 and earlier system is correct for the L98 heads for Corvette. They had the normal intake bolt configuration that early small blocks had. I know this because I am running those exact heads on my 400 based SBC now with ProFlo 4. The 43 lb system would be great for me since the 87 vettes came with a 45 psi System already.

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    Pro-Flo 4 kits don't include fuel system components so you'd be supplying your own fuel pressure regulator as it is. Where are you seeing a system spec of 58 psi? As for fitment on a C4 Vette, unfortunately I can't provide any guidance on that. Just be sure to double check the dimensions for proper fitment.


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      Right here: Says in the Description capable of 450 hp with 58 lb fuel pressure. So if I have 43 lbs will that still work with this system? I'm only looking at no more than 350 hp.
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        That's just a statement, not a system spec. 29 lb injectors are capable of supporting 450 hp at 58 psi of fuel pressure - that is a true statement, not a spec. There are no fuel system components included in the kit so you supply your own pump and pressure regulator. If fuel pressure is 43 psi, 29 lb injectors will support 400 hp. The system is run at either fuel pressure to support whatever power level your engine might be at. There are no kits offered at one pressure or the other. Sorry if our web site doesn't make that very clear.


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          Thanks Nate, Thats what I needed to know..