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Pro flow 4 bluetooth pairing

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  • Pro flow 4 bluetooth pairing

    Good Morning,
    I have just installed the pro flow into my 67 chevy ii. The problem I am having is that I did have the car running for a very short time. Just enough to warm it up. I then tried to finish the upload on the ecm. The car has never started again. The firmware is not showing on my tablet. I tried to pair it to the ecm and it pairs and then it unpairs. Its not a issue for putting the right code in for pairing. Done that at no issues. It pairs for about 30 seconds then unpairs. I brought another android phone. Downloaded the app and it does the same thing. I need help please.

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    That's probably not a pairing problem - especially if the engine no longer starts or runs. If you "tried to finish the upload" of firmware onto the ECU but failed to do so completely then the ECU is likely no longer functional. Please contact Tech Support to arrange sending the ECU in order for us inspect and to possibly re-boot load your ECU.


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      ok I will do just that thank you


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        Send ECU & Tablet - together.


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          I have sent both in