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Firmware v65 and E-Tuner 4 v4.0.1:7 Now Available with FORCED INDUCTION Support!

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  • Firmware v65 and E-Tuner 4 v4.0.1:7 Now Available with FORCED INDUCTION Support!

    That's right - we've been mentioning it for a while now and it's finally here - FORCED INDUCTION support for Pro-Flo 4!

    PF4 FI Support.jpg

    We spent quite a bit of timing implementing all the necessary system changes to support forced induction while keeping with the Edelbrock tradition of "EFI Simplified". It's always been our goal to have the simplest and easiest to use performance EFI system on the market and it was important that we carry these same attributes forward with this new addition of forced induction support. New features and functions have been added to the Pro-Flo 4 ECU firmware and E-Tuner Android app user interface to support forced induction engines up to 1000 HP and 15 psi of boost.

    The purpose of this thread is to provide info on this new update, all the changes that have been made, what additional parts may be required and how existing Pro-Flo 4 users that are naturally aspirated will update to firmware v65.

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    The firmware v65 update is being distributed via a regular E-Tuner 4 app update through the Google Play Store. Most existing users that have an Android device with active wifi connection will most likely have their E-Tuner app automatically updated to version 4.0.1:7. If your app is not automatically updated, simply visit the Google Play Store, search for the E-Tuner 4 app and install the update. Starting from this point forward, all new production kits made at Edelbrock will come with ECU's already on v65 firmware and tablets already loaded with the v4.0.1:7 E-Tuner app.

    If you are an existing Pro-Flo 4 user and your E-Tuner 4 app has been updated to v4.0.1:7, the first time you launch the app and connect to your ECU that's running either v50 or v53 firmware, you will see this pop-up:
    firmware update required.png

    If you have been using Pro-Flo 4 for a while and have dialed in all your settings and are happy with how your engine has been running and don't wish to make any changes besides updating to the new firmware, tap the YES button to open a PDF of the firmware update procedure.

    You can download and print a copy of the update procedure here: PF4_v65_FW_Update_Procedure.pdf

    Now that you've got the procedure handy, you can follow along with me in this video where I go step by step and show you how to update your firmware.

    As I say in the video, if you're a newer Pro-Flo 4 user and have NOT fully dialed in your system or are just getting started with letting your ECU self-learn, you only need to do Step 3 and load v65 firmware. After that, you can load an updated v65 cal by either running the Setup Wizard or following the process in Step 4. Note that loading a cal either through the Setup Wizard or directly will reset all your app modifiers.
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      If you choose to go forced induction, there are some items you'll need to outfit your Pro-Flo 4 system with. First, the standard 1Bar MAP sensor that's included in all Pro-Flo 4 kits can NOT be used for forced induction. A 1Bar MAP sensor can only read up to atmospheric pressure and can not sense boost. The Pro-Flo 4 forced induction update supports two different MAP sensors for boost:

      #3542 GM Style 2Bar MAP Sensor
      3542 Map sensor.jpg
      This sensor as 3 pins and will take the place of the standard 1Bar MAP sensor that's included in all Pro-Flo 4 kits without any modifications. OEM part number is GM or ACDelco 12615136.

      #3547 2.5Bar TMAP Sensor & Adapter Harness
      3547 T Map sensor.jpg3547 Harness.jpg
      This sensor has 4 pins and combines a 2.5Bar MAP sensor and air temp sensor in one. This sensor is included on most Edelbrock EFI superchargers. This sensor can be added to an existing manifold with some minor custom machining. Since this sensor is both a MAP and air temp sensor, an adapter harness is included to make it plug-and-play with Pro-Flo 4 wiring harnesses. The sensor alone is a Bosch 0 261 230 042.

      The Pro-Flo 4 forced induction update support two fuel injector sizes: 60 lb and 80 lb.

      # 15903 60 LB Short Body Fuel Injectors, Set of 8
      60 Injector.jpg

      #3522 80 LB Short Body Fuel Injectors, Set of 8
      80 injector.jpg
      Note that these are standard Siemens high impedance 60 & 80 lb short body injectors - they can be sourced from Edelbrock or from any other fuel injector supplier.

      And here is the power level that capable of being supported with these injectors:
      inj flow hp.jpg
      Note that most forced induction base cals are setup for either 43 psi of 58 psi of fuel pressure but there are two cals for big engines that are bumped up to 65 psi to stretch out those 80 lb injectors a bit to be able to make 1000+ hp.

      Lastly, you'll probably want to change from the standard push-in style air temp sensor to a thread-in sensor. Edelbrock offers a GM style 3/8" NPT air temp sensor, #3588 or you can use a GM 25036751 or equivalent. The air temp sensor should be installed immediately ahead of the throttle body.

      #3588 Threaded Air Temp Sensor
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        Here are the main changes to the E-Tuner 4 app that were added to support forced induction.

        Air Fuel Ratio Set Points

        Prior to this update, Pro-Flo 4 offered 3 AFR targets (aka set points). Now with forced induction, a fourth AFR target option has been added. The Boost AFR target will be come active when manifold pressure is greater than +0.8 PSI or basically right when boost starts being made. Note that the third AFR target, which used to be called WOT for Wide Open Throttle has been renamed to Accel for Acceleration. This was changed because if you're forced induction and are at WOT, you'll actually be in boost thus the name was changed to Acceleration to represent the state where the engine load is above cruising but below boost. For naturally aspirated engines, the criteria for the Accel AFR target is exactly the same as before when it was named WOT AFR. The Accel AFR target will become active when throttle is >50% or if manifold pressure is >-7.5 InHg (for forced induction engines). The Boost AFR option will be blacked out if using a naturally aspirated base calibration.

        Fuel Modifiers

        Just like for AFR set points, a fourth fuel modifier has been added for forced induction. The active load state the engine is in is highlight be the green "LED" and using the +/- buttons, fuel can be added or removed in each of the four engine load zones. Fuel modifiers can be applied globally (change applied to all load states equally at the same time) or individually. The Boost fuel modifier will be blacked out if using a naturally aspirated base calibration.

        Boost Retard, Vacuum Advance

        Keeping with our "EFI Simplified" mantra, ignition timing control in boost is handled by a single simple boost retard function. The value of the Boost Retard setting represent how much the ignition timing is retarded per 1 psi of boost. For example, if your total ignition timing (before Boost Retard or Vacuum Advance is applied) is 30° and your engine makes 10 psi of boost with a Boost Retard value of 2.00, your final ignition timing value in boost will be 30° - (10 psi x 2.00°/psi) = 10°. Increasing the Boost Retard value will take out more timing with boost for less final timing and decreasing the Boost Retard value will take out less timing with boost for more final timing. The Boost Retard setting will be blacked out if using a naturally aspirated base calibration.


        On the Limiters page we've added a Boost Cut overboost protection function. Set this value to the number just slightly above what you expect to make for max boost. If your engine overboosts and eclipses this setting, fuel and spark will be cut until manifold pressure drops below the threshold point and throttle has been brought down below 25%. Boost Cut can be disabled by setting it to its max value. The Boost Cut setting is blacked out if using a naturally aspirated base calibration.
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          Another small change is the Vacuum read out on the Digital Display page has been renamed to Manifold to work with either naturally aspirated or forced induction engines.

          When using a NA cal, a units designator of InHg will be shown.
          NA Manifold_sml.png

          When using a FI cal, a units designator of InHg/PSI will be shown.
          FI Manifold_sml.png


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            We've gotten some results back from what appears to be our first Pro-Flo 4 end user to run a ProCharged 500" Mopar RB motor with the new forced induction update. The guys over at Race Engines Plus in Concord North Carolina put this potent combination together and at just 9 psi of boost, made 880 lbft of torque and 900 hp.

            tcola dyno sheet bbmopar with 9psi procharger.jpg