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Victor EFI Intake Hood Clearance on a 2nd Gen Charger (68-70)

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    I'm thinking it is just a thin paper gasket like a carb would have.

    I was skimming the net last night and found a K&N 1.25" drop base that supposedly equates to 2 3/4" in overall height.


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      Hey guys, hope you're still around.
      I had to take a break on my 69 Charger and am back to it, but still not positive on what I need. Skidep the AR005 seems to work with some holes drilled. Do you find the shift points can be set properly with the Lokar cable or should I go with the Bouchillon setup? Also what's that air cleaner you're using? I like the way it looks. What throttle cable are you running? Looks stock.
      Texas and Derwud, what are you guys using for kickdown and air filter?
      Thanks guys