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  • Xt pro flo 4 HELP

    Hello All, 427 SBC 11to1 solid Roller 259/269 at .050 590/590 lift 112lsa 1.6 ratio. Afr 220 cylinder heads, edelbrock pro flo 4 XT 42lb injectors return style fuel pressure reg, thanks inc fuel system rated for 800hp. Question installed perfectly no hiccups, idles good at 950 rpm at 8in of vacuum. IAC hovers between 5 and 15, verified 12* timing on pulley, unlocked timing in hand held, goes up with little throttle. Problem is if I blip the throttle even after warmup 165plus it always stalles on de accleration. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Try increasing your Decel Fuel Cut rpm threshold. Look in Advanced Tuning>Acceleration Fuel. You also might try a tad more throttle stop adjustment to give you a little more throttle blade opening.


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      Ok thanks ill try this later, also fuel pressure is set for 58 in hand held and regulator. I don't have my vac reference hooked up, thinking it might be a problem.


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        No road test yet, fixing break lines. Tried Nate S Advice and it's much Better all around. No stalling..... thanks