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Make fuel rails flow-thru ??

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    So the one outlet to the tank on your regulator would be a return. A fuel pressure regulator meant for EFI use doesn't necessarily mean it has 3 ports - it just means that excess fuel is bypassed to control pressure which is exactly how the regulator you're describing works. If that's the type of regulator you have and want to keep, then fine, use it. It'll work exactly the way you used it before but how you used it before doesn't make it returnless. Pro-Flo 4 kits were designed to be used with a 3 port regulator where you have one pressure feed in from the pump, one pressure out to the dead head rails and a return to the tank. If you have a two port regulator then it has to go after the rails which is fine - it just means making a couple minor changes.

    The point of the discussion is having to change how the rails are configured to go from dead head to flow through because there's something inherently wrong with dead head rails which is false. If you already have a two port regulator that you want to use, then you're changing the rails to flow through simply so you can keep using a particular type of regulator, not because there's something wrong with dead head rails.