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Pro-Flo 4 CAN Bus Data Stream Info

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    An issue with my .xml file for RealDash as it contained an obvious error that has now been corrected, however still not tested with the PF4 ECU.

    I hope someone gets the chance to test it out soon as the developer wants to integrate the PF4 into RealDash which would make it slightly easier to get set up. I updated the link in my post above.

    I've also been going down the arduino-CAN shield path for other non PF4 inputs (twin motor boat), but also looking at other alternatives, dashbox and Y-dash, mostly because of their support already in Realdash, but the OneGuage path looks very promising.

    Should be an interesting dash, a center 12.3 or 14 x-wide curved LCD and 3.5 displays left and right with the PF4 stats.

    I need to get to work...


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      Originally posted by Pcmdub View Post


      That's the route I took. Arduino, CanBus Shield, and Touchscreen. My dash worked out WAY better than expected and has all of the data I need. It also logs to an SD card when needed. I will post pics once I finish the mounting in the dash.
      I'd love to see your setup, especially for the data logging. If I PM you my email, maybe you can send me some details and I can get a look at what you're using.


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        I planing also to use the CAN from PROFLO4. I will shut of the TCC when the throttle goes to zero to avoid the torque bang from +torque to -torque. I am very interested for a sketch for Aduino and MCP 2515 to reading the CAN Information. Until yet I have not found an example in the www for the PROFLO4.


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          I see reference a "db9" connector for the can bus, but mine is different. The first picture is what comes up in a search for db9 and the second image is what I have. What connector do I need for the Banks iDash?


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            Google : DTM style CAN Bus
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              Do I understand correctly that I can power the Banks iDash thru the can bus connection? I'm assuming that's the purpose of the 12v+ switched and ground pins on the connector from the ECU.


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                Originally posted by Scotchbrite View Post
                Do I understand correctly that I can power the Banks iDash thru the can bus connection? I'm assuming that's the purpose of the 12v+ switched and ground pins on the connector from the ECU.
                Did you ever get an answer? I'm getting ready to install a Banks iDash and was wondering the same thing. Can I just run all 4 wires to the wires on the Pro Flo harness or do I need to run power and ground separately?

                I hooked up all 4 wires to the Pro Flo harness with no issues, the gauge powers on/off with the ECU flawlessly.
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                  I'm going to toss out another option. The really detailed dashes start at $600 and go up from there. Instead of building a display pulling data from the canbus,I'm going to log to an SD card using the canbus data.

                  For a display I'm using a Raspberry Pi 4 and a 5" touchscreen. There are a couple of Android forks that are built for the raspberry pi. I started by getting one installed and working on the table, then moved the hardware and monitor out to the garage to confirm it would see the ECU. Then I got it hooked up and working on the touchscreen. I'm currently designing a cluster insert in Fusion360 and I'll 3d print the insert.

                  I'm into the whole thing for less than $160, and it runs the Edelbrock android app.

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                    If you're looking for a Daylight Readable Display. Check out Lilliput. They make the displays that go on cameras, that don't have displays...i find used ones on EBay cheap.
                    Lilliput link:
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