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Use Tablet Screen Capture App as a Data Logger!

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  • Use Tablet Screen Capture App as a Data Logger!

    For as long as Edelbrock has used Android tablets as the user interface for different injection systems, the best way to record or log engine run data was to use an additional mobile device to record the screen of the tablet. Now, the Acer Iconia Android tablets that are included with all Pro-Flo 4 system kits come pre-loaded with a screen capture video app! Click the link below to download the How-To PDF guide to try it yourself!

    Here's an example of a video I made using the screen capture app:

    *Edit* Revised to show how to also record sound.
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    Nate, can those of us that aren't using the Acer Iconia tablet download and use this ap? If yes, do you know the name of the ap? (it's not obvious in the How-To. The icon simply says "Record").


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      I don't know if this app is available separately. It's a bundle of default apps that are pre-loaded in the Asus tablet. Try doing a search for an Android video screen capture app - there are a few out there.


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        Kind of pointless, do to how simple, and reliable the system is, and "learning" what all the displays are on the "Digital Display" will turn you into a experienced user.

        Or to put it another way:
        What data do you want to log, and why?
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